It’s official – I’m going to space!

Well, my name is Deborah Prudham and that’s going to space so yeah… technically… I’M GOING TO SPACE!

It is part of a new project set up by NASA whereby they’re inviting everyday people (like me) to send them their name (and some other info) and they’ll put them on a microchip which will be entering Low-Earth Orbit destinations and in turn you receive a boarding pass into space.

The microchip will be on-board NASAs Orion spacecraft which is set to launch for its Exploration Flight Test-1 on December 4th 2014. On-board Orion, the microchip will orbit Earth twice and then re-enter the Earths atmosphere at a speed of around 20,000mph and 4000Β°F and splash land in the Pacific Ocean.

Following this Exploration Flight, the microchip will be on-board some of the greatest future explorations to become history like the exploration of Mars!

I like to think of it as getting to be one of the first people to go to Mars since let’s face it… I’m no astronaut!

If you want to take part go to:ΒΒ and follow Orion’s missions at #JourneyToMars



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