Show a little love this Christmas

For some reason lately all I’ve wanted to do is smile. No idea why, just an urge to smile. I’ve seen things happen around me lately and it’s just made me take a step back to count my blessings. It’s weird, this time last week I was feeling really low but now I’m just thinking about my family and friends and how lucky I am. Some people never get/ or lose the chance to have family that are also your best friends or friends that are practically family, but me – I (for this moment in time) have both and from now on, when I’m feeling down, I’m going to think of this feeling and know that it could be worse. There is always someone there to help. Even if it’s just a “Hi, how was your day?” – it’s amazing how much that can change someone’s outlook on things.
So if there’s someone you know that’s lonely or maybe feeling left out this Christmas, please make an effort just to let them know you care. It’s not all about giving presents… Most of the time, giving love is more appreciated.



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