My new year resolution

Now I’m not one for new year resolutions but this year I’ve decided I need to improve my fitness; trivial I know but I’m so lazy – once I’m finished doing everything I need to do I just think “well I can’t be bothered now” – this has to change. My twin recently ‘interviewed’ me as part of one of her uni assignments for Sport Psychology where we got talking about my lack o motivation to exercise so we’ve set up a plan to tackle this. When I do exercise, it gives me so much energy and I am so much more motivated. Plus, I want to do the Color Run again this year.

First things first though, the gym membership has been cancelled – yep, you read that right, cancelled! I want to do it on my own without paying a heap loads of money. I am getting my sister to help me as my personal trainer (for free) so she is going to be my running buddy, session planner and motivator. Although I must admit I’m not excited to be running in these hypothermic conditions; may freeze halfway through.

So, I’ve started by downloading a free app (RunKeeper) to help plan and track my progress. You can sign up via Facebook or email and it allows you to plan routes and playlists, make note of inspirations/ motivations and goals and also allows you to record distances/ speeds covered, calories burned and duration of workouts (not only for running but practically every exercise activity) by setting up a profile. You can also connect with friends/ other app users to progress together and share your achievements .



Have you guys got any fitness tips? Or share your new year resolutions with me… I love to hear/ read about them!


5 thoughts on “My new year resolution

  1. I seem to always have the workout thing as a resolution, but never manage to keep it. I put it off the list this year to focus on other things and will try to make an effort without it being a resolution šŸ™‚ It sounds great to have your own PT to help you. I’m sure that will help you a lot šŸ™‚ xx


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