Hello again…

Sorry this blog has been inactive so long. I have been so busy attempting to finish university that I sadly neglected it. It’s 2 days until I get my final results and to say I’m petrified is an understatement. Like my parents have said, “you’ve tried your best and we’d expect nothing more” but I’ve […]

Handmade Gifts #1 – Personalised Beaded Bracelets

Do you ever go gift shopping an just think “I have absolutely no idea what to buy” or “These gifts just aren’t personal enough”, well here is a handy idea that is quick, easy and thoughtful: Personalised Beaded Bracelets! What you’ll need: Scissors Lettered Beads Coloured Beads Waxed Thread Jewellery Clasps Easy steps to create […]

My love for Northern Ireland :)

I had such a good time in Northern Ireland last week when I went over to visit my dad. It isn’t the first time I’ve travelled there but it is the first time I took part in many of the great tourist opportunities the country boasts. Every day was jam-packed full of the many attractions […]